DCP (Dicalcium Phosphate, P 18%, Ca 21%)

1.Description Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP), it is produced from phosphate rock and contains no animal products. It promotes the growth of livestock and poultry and can prevent the animal from diseases such as rickets, anemia and osteomaladcia etc. and improves the quality of the meat and eggs. 

2.Features It is a neutral, white, tasteless and odorless product either in granular of crystal powder. Its molecular formula is CaHPO4·2H2O with weight of 172.08. bulk density is around 750-1000kg/m3. It is easily soluble in weak alid solute such as dilutee nitric acid and dilutee acetic acid but has low solubility in cool water and msolule in alcohol. 
It has little absorption to moisture and is normally not get lumping under normal storage conditions. It contains 2 molecules of crystal water which promotes the digestibility but shall loss when heated to above 90. It is reasonable ratio between phosphor and calcium contents and high purity due to its special wet process which removes most of the impurities brought by the raw material and the residual content of fluorine, arsenic, and other metals is very small.      

3.Usages As feed additive for supplemental nutriment of phosphor and calcium.      

4.Packing, storage and transportation and testing In plastic(PP) woven bag with plastic lining for 50 kg. Strong sunlight and rain must be avoided during transportation. To be stored in shed, cool place with natural ventilation. Shelr-life to be no more than one year. Testing accords to HG2636-2000.      

5.Safety precautions No special actions needed during handling due to its stale chemical property.    

6.Specification : 

Index P Ca F As Pb Size(pass0.5mm)%
Standard =16.5 =21 =0.18 =0.003 =0.003 =95
First grade =18.0 =21 =0.15 =0.003 =0.003 =95
Second grade =17.0 =21 =0.15 =0.003 =0.003 =95

With 60 experienced technicians and workers, our factory is capable to have annual production for feed grade DCP 40,000 MTS both in powder and granular form.